Sick Lincoln

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Live: AlgoMech algorave appearance, 18th Nov, Sheffield Sick Lincoln performing dynamical datapop with algoravethms to make your mind and body spin

Code Bomb E.P. (2013, chordpunch) is the latest E.P.

Simulator Ride (2011, chordpunch) is the most recent album

Language (1997) is the oldest

Times inbetween are still being reconciled


Sick Lincoln is an anagram, dedicated to making music with processors. It didn't choose this life, but drew the short circuit. At robot school, borrowing a Roland D50, it tried out the factory reset, and had to spend a whole weekend reprogramming sounds. Experienced in live music construction, it performs under the weight of various aliases. Occasionally, it feels nauseous when listening to a track too many times; Sick Lincoln tragically combines a short attention span and a stubborn work ethic.